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Commodore's Message - May 2019



Dear Pine Lake Yacht Club community friends,

Pine Lake continues to inspire its visitors from the mid-19th century with the arrival of the Unonious family to present day multi-generational residents.

From its inception our Pine Lake ancestors created a community full of social connections

From Potawatomi wigwam campfires, afternoon Chenequa tobacco-plug gatherings, watered-down whiskey at the von Schneideau’s, to croquet parties at the fabulous Sands property.

Early Colonists in the early 1860's included the Sands, Oaklands, and Tuley families to homesteads of the Nunnemachers, Vogels, Friends, and Winklers of the 1880's.

Socials included “Guten Appetit” attending the Vogel clubhouse, late afternoon Cannon ball specials on the Nashotah clubhouse car, to Havana cigars off Koch Point pier.

Original settlers utilized Kerosene lanterns, but still managed to navigate our waters with small steam yachts, while attending sailing events with formal attire and starch collars, Saturday night clubhouse dance hops, and Root Beer socials.

Over 150 years of history, the stories shall continue…

Our forefathers were building a community that has withstood this unique history. As stated by
Robert Manegold in “Unique Pine Lake” our lake pioneers were examples of frugality and constraint and thus shepherded a “shirt sleeve to shirt sleeve culture."

This culture has been maintained through generations of families and shall continue through an
ensemble of new and old traditions

This year’s connections include a Bourbon Whiskey night, Yoga in the barn, BBQ night, and an
opportunity to relive our history with a historic tour, while maintaining old traditions such as the
Opening Cocktail party, July 4th lunch, and the Commodore’s picnic.

We encourage you to participate in our community engagements. As we continue to convene,
connect, and celebrate the community that is Pine Lake.

Wishing you a pleasant Pine Lake Yacht club season,
Tom Marshall