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Racing Rules – All Classes

1. All races shall be arranged, conducted, judged, and sailed in accordance with current Inland Lake Yachting Association rules and procedures except as modified or amplified herin. Certain rules may be restated below in part or in their entirety for emphasis, but this does not alter the interpretation of the ILYA rules which shall govern.

2. A yacht may sail on any part of the lake and on either side of the island at her option. There are no restrictions or designated areas in which a yacht is prohibited from sailing.

3. In order to qualify and receive racing points for the season championship series or other series, the skipper and all the regular crew members must be current on all financial obligations to the club. Skippers with outstanding dues are not eligible at the starting line. Each fleet shall establish their own guest sailor policies.

3a. For the X,MC and E Fleets, anyone can be a guest skipper for any number of race days. but no more than two race days for the same boat.
3b. for the MC Fleet, a PLYC member may sail another members boat for a full season or as a co-skipper if the arrangement is reported to the fleet captain.
3c. For the Optimist Fleet, any PLYC member 15 and under may sail another member’s boat, and will be scored as an individual, not by boat number.
3d For the Optimist Fleet, instructors may coach sailors during the mid-week race only. Coaches should use their judgment to assist sailors who are in distress or are significantly behind the fleet.

4. Preferred race lengths as elapsed time, time limits for race completion, minimum steady wind for starting a race, and maximum steady and gusting wind levels for starting and abandoning races are as follows:

 Fleet OPTI X MC E
Race Length in Minutes 20-30 45-60 50 35-55
Race Length in Miles   3 4 5-6
Race Length in Legs        
East/West Wind 3 4-5 4-5 6-7
North/South Wind 3 3-4 3-4 4-5
Minimum Wind to Start 3mph 3mph 5mph N/A
Maximum Wind to Start        
Steady 20 20 20 25
Gusts 25 25 23 30
Wind Velocity to Abandon 28 28 24 31

5. Scoring – Unless there are fleet instructions to the contrary, all fleets shall sail under a low point scoring system: one point per position with fleet position determined by averaging. Under this system, each boat is awarded points equal to its finishing position and such points are totaled and divided by the number of races sailed. The order of fleet position is determined by ranking from the lowest average position to the highest. In scoring the mid-week races for the Optimist Fleet, all Optimist sailors will be scored as they cross the finish line through July 4th. At that time, each Opti sailor will be placed in either the Intermediate or Racing Fleet for the remainder of the racing season. An intermediate sailor who has moved to the Racing Fleet before July 4th will be scored as a Racing sailor for the full season, with his scores prior to July 4th scored as if he were in the Racing Fleet all season. If a sailor moves up to the Racing Fleet after July 4th, he will be scored as an Intermediate for the full season.

6. Race day ties in total points will be broken by determining which tied yacht ranked higher in the next season race in which both yachts compete.

7. For all fleets, DNF’s will be scored as one position worse that the last finisher in that race. DNS’s are scored as the number of boats in the Fleet as of July 4th. DSQ’s will also be scored as the number of boats in the fleet as of July 4th, but must be included in the season scoring under both the 80% system. For the Opti’s, any race in which the skipper participates in a scheduled X or Opti Regatta, shall be scored their average points for the season in the season standings. For the Opti, x and E Fleets, in lieu of the 80% rule, each boat will be eligible for one throw out race for each five(5) races completed by the fleet. For the MC Fleet only, in lieu of the 80% race, each boat will be eligible for one throw out race for each fine races they start. Throwouts may be used to drop races not started, races started but not finished, and races finished, but not to drop DSQ’s. For the MC Fleet only, average points will be awarded based on all season races sailed by a skipper for up to four season races missed due to participation in an MC regatta.

8. In case of ties in average points, position will be determined by horse racing. In case of ties in horse racing, the first position will be awarded to the yacht which beat the other yacht more often.

9. Good sportsmanship would dictate that positions should not be defended by failing to appear at the end of the season.

10. While verbal hails will be provided for recalls, a clear start is the sole responsibility of each yacht.

11. All yachts which have been officially weighed at a sanctioned ILYA event shall carry the amount of extra weight, if any, required by the most recent event. If a yacht has not been so weighed, the builder’s certificate shall prevail.

12. The starting time for the X and MC Fleets shall be 10:00 AM, and for the E Fleet 2:00 PM unless special scheduling has been noted in the racing schedule or special arrangements have been made between the fleet captain and the race committee for the day. The E Fleet captain will advise the race committee at least 3 days prior to their race day if three races are to be sailed.

13. Make up races for the X and MC Fleets will be scheduled in the annual race calendar. The fleet captain in each of these fleets will advise the race committee scheduled for these makeup days whether the makeups are required at least three days prior to the race day. E Fleet make up races will be sailed as the third race of a race day when make ups are needed. If the second scheduled race for the day or the full race day is not completed, said race(s) shall be made up in consecutive order on the next scheduled race day or days, as the third race of those days. No race shall start after 4:30PM.

14. A second race shall be started no longer than two hours after the scheduled start of the first race. If the first race is postponed, it is suggested that a minimum of one hour shall lapse before the race committee abandons the race. 15. Race Committees will set courses to best fit existing conditions. Contestants will communicate their desires relating to racing procedures only through the Fleet Captain.

16. Any sailor wishing to file a protest against another boat, must hail the protested boat indicating their intent to protest if the offending boat does not perform their exoneration circles. The protesting boat must also advise the race committee of their intent to protest as they finish the race and must file the written protest with the race committee no later than two hours after the last boat finished the race. E boats must also fly a red protest flag as indication of their intent to file a protest.

17. Yachts wishing to appeal a decision of a protest committee must notify the Chief Judge within 24 hours of their intent to appeal and submit a written appeal to him within 72 hours of receipt of the protest committee’s written decision. Such written decision is required of the protest committee only in response to notification of intent to appeal. Appeals must be based on a judicial, procedural, or interpretative error and will not be considered unless they fall into these categories in the judgment of the Appeals Committee. An appeal must be accompanied by a copy of the Protest Committee’s decision, which will contain, if appropriate, time sequenced diagrams of the protested event as determined by the protest committee, together with the rules applied and their conclusions.

A protest committee may refer a protest directly to the Appeals Committee if in their opinion they either have a conflict of interest or are not able to understand the facts or the rules involved. They may decide to take this action before, during, or after a protest hearing. Such action will require only that the protest committee notify the skipper involved and turn over the protest to the Appeals Committee.